BPA to Compete at Regionals

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Photo by Courtesy Photo from Odessa American

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Dana Ramirez, Editor-in-Chief

Business Professionals of America (BPA) will leave for their Regional competition at Reedy High School tomorrow.

“I am so excited to meet others who share my interest and aspirations,” junior Salina Jiang said. “We are going to gain so much experience by competing against others and understanding the mindsets of future business professionals.”

Thirteen students will be competing in one of five categories: Business Administration, Finance, Digital Communication, Management Information Systems, and Management/Marketing/Communication. Competitors must adhere to the BPA dress code in order to compete.

“Students prepare by working through tests that have administered in previous BPA competitions,” BPA sponsor Kimberly Landry said. “There is a very good chance several students will advance as a result of their preparations for the competitive event.”