How to make your own YouTube Channel

Imahn McAlister, Staff Writer

YouTube.We all know it. We use youtube to watch funny videos, vines, short stories, and so much more. You’re sitting on your bed, watching videos on your computer and you see a video of a group doing a funny challenge video. You think: I can do that. Then why don’t you? It’s easy!


Step 1: Have an Idea

You can’t just create a youtube channel without having an idea what you want your channel to be about. Sit down and think of some ideas for your new channel.


Step 2: Have a theme

Having a theme is an essential aspect of having a YouTube channel. You can’t claim to have a prank channel when you do more challenge videos. Have a theme and stick to that theme.

Step 3: Make an email

To set up a youtube channel you need to have a google account. Don’t use your personal email, just make an email just for the channel.

Step 4: Film your first video

Now it’s time for the fun part! Whip out your camera and start filming. Make sure that you have fun and make a product that your proud of.

Step 5: Editing

Take that footage and load it onto your computer. A good editing software for beginners is iMovie or Wondershare Filmora.

Step 6: Uploading

Once you’ve finished editing your video upload it to your youtube channel.To upload a video on YouTube click the arrow in the top right corner. Next drag your video into the selected area, after that it’s smooth sailing.

Step 7: Premiering

When your video is uploading you’ll see a panel called ‘premiering.’ Premiering is a chance for you to hype up your new video by starting a live video 30 minutes before your video fully uploads.

Step 8: Redo!

    Now that you’ve started your own channel, it time to start all over! Make a new video and keep on making em. And remember just have fun!