Guys Can’t Beathe

Imahn McAlister, Staff Writer

Helicopter parents: parents who hover over their children.

Every kid has heard of the helicopter parents. Some of us pray that our parents don’t become them, others have to live with them. While our parents are amazing people who love their children, there is such a thing as too controlling, as Jessica Leigh Mattern, the creator of  Woman’s Day blog proves. Here are 10 of the craziest helicopter parent stories.

10. The mom who went to college with her child

One mother was so obsessed with ensuring that her child excelled that she enrolled in all of her daughter’s classes to make sure she was doing her work.


9. The parent who recruited friends for their Kid


A girl was sitting in college orientation when one of the parents came up to her and said, “ That girl over their is my daughter. You go up and introduce yourself to her and her friend.” It wasn’t even the cute way, it was the scary threatening way.

8. The mom that applied to colleges for her daughter

A girl in her senior year of high school’s mom filled out an application for her to go to her alma mater, complete with an essay and a personal statement. The girl had no idea her mother did this until the acceptance letter arrived in the mail.

7. The dad who was thrown out of his son’s baseball game

Local police had to “escort” an irate father from a children’s baseball game before he took the Umps head off for “bad calls”. The sherif made the father sit in his squad car like a toddler until the game was over.

6. The mom who attended her daughter’s job interview

A young woman’s mother wouldn’t stop talking about how perfect her daughter was. The company’s supervisor had to interview the woman while the manager had to sit and listen to the woman’s mother. The manager told the mother that she was ruining any chance her daughter had at getting any job. The mother was offended when the manager continued to point out that if her daughter couldn’t show up to work without her parent making her it doesn’t make her look like a reliable employee. They didn’t hire the girl.

5. The parents who changed their child’s college major- without consent

They thought it was okay because they’re the ones paying for tuition. “This mother demanded that her son be a Biochemical Engineering major instead of a Computer Science major,” starsy also shared.

4. The mom who wanted access to constant video-monitoring of her child

One mom wanted to pay preschool teachers to have cameras in their centers so she could see what her kid was doing throughout the day. When the teachers said no the mom decided she would visit the school four times a day; One for drop off, one before nap, one after nap, and one for pick up.

3. The dad who helped his son cheat

During a regional chess tournament, a boy’s father and grandfather attended the match and proceeded to break the rules by telling the boy how to beat the opponent in Russian so that the monitors wouldn’t know.

2.The mom that moved into the house next to her daughter’s dorm

Apparently, the mom wanted to be close to her child day and night, even while she was away at college. The mother left her husband to be with her daughter through college ( the husband couldn’t move due to work. ) He filed for divorce.

1. The mom who got in the way of her daughters integration- and was also arrested

When the police arrested an 18 year old girl for DUI the mom insisted that there was no way that her daughter was drunk, even though she was failing the test. When the police placed the cuffs on the daughter, the mother insisted that there was no way that they could arrest her. Long story short, the mom ended up being arrested as well for obstruction of justice and was placed in a cell with her daughter that night.