3 Affordable Things To Do In Tyler

Imahn McAlister and Caity Gorbett

Applebee’s Apps

Imahn’s POV:

I usually can’t finish a full meal by myself, so that’s why the two appetizers for ten dollars was perfect for me. I ordered the wonton chicken taco and the chips and salsa. The chips and salsa were a let down though, as the chips were way too greasy and the salsa was too watery. It wasn’t that great to eat to be honest. I was genuinely surprised that  the wonton tacos were really good. I could have eaten another helping by myself.

Caitty’s POV:

I typically try to avoid sit-down restaurants like Applebee’s, because I just don’t feel like spending $30 on a burger that is not even good. What I thought was against my better judgement, I allowed Imahn to drag me out to Applebee’s to try the appetizers. I now admit I was wrong to judge so quickly. Together, Imahn and I tried the boneless chicken wings with Sweet Asian Chile sauce, chicken quesadillas, chips and salsa, chicken wonton tacos, and the brew pub pretzels with beer cheese dip. Every single thing was delicious. The wings were sweet with a subtle spice that leaves a slight tingle on the tongue. The quesadillas were cheesy and the chicken was cooked and seasoned just perfectly. Though the chips were just way too greasy to really be good, it was really an overall great time out with my friend that didn’t break my wallet.

Rose Garden

Imahn’s POV:

The Tyler Rose garden is the perfect place to visit if you want to be surrounded in a calm environment and just enjoy nature. But sadly the garden was pretty dead since it was dead of winter.But even though not all of the roses were in bloom, there were some lovely roses scattered around the garden. The section where you can sit down and look at the different types of flowers was my favorite. It was just so peaceful.

Caity’s POV:

I’d actually never been to the Rose Garden before and was pretty sure I didn’t want to go. It is just too cold. However, I was proven wrong. Being outside and just walking around with Imahn was honestly one of the best times I’ve had in a long time. Flowers are most associated with springtime when they’re fully in bloom, but going to the Rose Garden in the winter while everything is dead and dying was breathtakingly beautiful. It’s also a great place for an impromptu photo shoot with friends.

Children’s Park

Imahn’s POV:

The Children’s Park is a quiet, peaceful place to just unwind and relax. It is quite, but in a nice way.  The Children’s Park is a great place to being younger kids; They can run around, play in the pond, or play in the critter cove. The statues were interesting, I liked how you could see the story behind the statue. The greatest thing about the Children’s Park is that you can actually hear yourself think, a rare thing these days.

Caity’s POV:

The Children’s Park is heartbreaking and beautiful. It was built as a memorial for miscarried and stillborn children, and kids who passed at very young ages. There are stones framing the paths with the names of these children carved into them, statues built in their honor, and a beautiful seating area with plaques dedicated to those who donated to help the park be built. It’s not necessarily the most fun place, but it’s a great place to go to walk around or just to sit and think.