That’s The Game

Imahn Mcalister, Staff Writer

Boys Varsity Baseball team  competed against Lindale, Atlanta, Springhill, and All Saints, losing to Lindale with a score of 4-1. However,  the team won against Atlanta with a score of 10-9, and they continued their winning streak and beat All Saints with a score of 13-3.

“The Springhill game didn’t go as planned,” Ashton Rodgers said. “ In the Atlanta game we were getting beat by nine to one, but we had a talk with coach Jenkins and we came back and beat them with ten to nine.”

The varsity baseball team feels their diligence would pay off in the end.

“[Our practices] can be very competitive and fun at times,” Colton Nelson said. “But, when it’s time to go to work we work as hard as we possibly can.”

The school faculty is very proud of the  varsity baseball team and their hard work during the season.

“ I think the boy’s varsity team sets a good example for our school.”Assistant Principal Splinter says. “They are very good ambassadors for our school when they go out and play. They are very good at representing us in sportsmanship, they compete well, and they show good character.”