Whitehouse vs. Hallsville

Girls junior varsity soccer team competes against Hallsville

Imahn McAlister, Staff Writter

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The Whitehouse girls junior varsity soccer team went up against Hallsville and won with a score of 3-0.

The team feels as if they played better than the last time they went up against Hallsville. The last time they faced them they lost with a score of 4-1.

¨We lost to them last time so we played a lot better than last time,”  sophomore, Kensi Holley said.

The team feels as if their practices help them better  prepare for their games. They feel as if they work hard in their exercises everyday.

¨ At the beginning of the season we were all scared to play with each other,” junior, Alicia Gurrusquieta says. ¨But, now we have [really] grown as team.¨

The school facility feels proud of the example that that girls soccer team sets.

¨What I have seen in their plays they represent us very well,” Assistant Principal Travis Splinter  says. ¨They are very well coached, they play a very organized game, they have always shown very good sportsmanship, and there performance in the way they carry themselves make us very proud of them.¨


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