STAAR testing

Carter De Los Santos, staff writer

With English STAAR tests coming up this April, students have been working on their benchmarks and EOC reviews to prepare and see for themselves that there ready for this test in particular.   

“I have studied for about 45 minutes yesterday and I have done the EOC review, so I think I will do well,” sophomore Kaleb Brown said.

As students study and take their benchmarks, the teachers, on the other hand, have been there to prepare them for this test by helping them improve on certain things and while teaching them new things as well.     

“Some parts of the test can be difficult, and some parts are easy,” Teacher Allison Spear said. “But despite that, I do feel confident that my students will do well on the test since they have been practicing all year and we have been working together to see how they can improve and do their best on it.”