Free Sports Physicals

Carter De Los Santos, staff writer

Free physicals for athletes of any sport are now being offered by Trinity Mother Frances Health Center May 3-4. Students from 9th to 11th will have to get a specific packet from the athletic training room.


Students and coaches involved in athletics believe this decision is beneficial for anyone who is less fortunate than others.  


“I think this can help students or parents who can’t afford getting physicals.” Kendall Wood said.


Students also believe that it can also be helpful for anyone who is busy with other school activities as well.


“Athletes are always busy with sports, you have to go through a lot of paperwork to get a physical” junior Devin Thomson said


Though some students in athletics are happy with the offer of free physicals. Some students don’t exactly believe this will give an increase in people signing up for athletics.


“It mostly just depends on if you want to or not.” Junior Kendall Wood said. “As long as you have the dedication and the will to fight, then I say go for it.”


Coaches also this can help athletes that want to participate in any sport but don’t have the funds to do it.        


“It’s a great way for a lot of kids who live in single-parent homes, ones that don’t have access to a primary care physician.” coach Evan Beaton said. “To me, it’s one of those opportunities that are great for all kids, regardless of their demographic, home life or anything.”

“Though I don’t believe this will increase participation in athletics.”