The Older, The Wiser

Advice from Grandparents


Kat Carlow, Staff Writer

The older, the wiser is a saying we have all heard growing up, yet we tend to overlook any wisdom we get from the mature generations. Grandparents, in particular, are endless libraries for pieces of guidance and are prepared to pass down that knowledge in a heartbeat. In honor of Grandparents Day on September 8 students were asked to share with us a memorable piece of advice their grandparents has given them. 


“Be kind to everyone” -Senior Caroline Cannon


“My grandparents just told me to stay true to what we believe” -Senior Morgan Robertson


“If you’re going to try and find a job, do something you love not based upon the amount it’s going to pay you, but if you love it you’re going to enjoy the job no matter what.” -Senior Joseph Hamm


“One thing is my grandpa used to tell me always go to school and get your education first, and then focus on what you want to do later.” – Junior Collin Rezer 


“Don’t do anything dumb, you need to get scholarships so you don’t get too much debt after applying to colleges.” – Junior Lauren Eerkins 


“Our grandparents told us don’t drive faster than your guardian angel, don’t speed and be careful on the roads.” -Junior Allison Eerkins


“If you don’t know how to do something, ask someone that’s smarter than you.” -Sophomore Austin Frizzell


“Live life to the fullest while you’re still young” -Sophomore Ashley Stein 


“Don’t mess up” -Sophomore Landon Layne


“Be the bigger person” -Freshman Hannah Ross


“Don’t try to be popular, because it’s just going to make things worse” -Freshman Jaymie Richardson 


“Always hang around good people, because you never know they [bad people] could get you in trouble.” -Freshman Emersyn Brosang