Review: 47 Meters Down: Uncaged


Imahn McAlister, Staff Writer

Despite the lack of success of 47 Meters Down, its sequel 47 Meters Down: Uncaged has surpassed my expectations.

The movie takes place in an underwater Mayan city. A great white shark that has been trapped there for years learns to adapt without light. When a new cave entrance has been discovered, it releases the frightening creature from its prison and stalks our seven characters.

The entire time I was watching this movie I had my heart in my throat. I was in a constant state of fear and anticipation, and I loved that. I never knew what was going to happen next, the suspense was the best feature of the film. You never knew when the shark was gonna strike next. Each death was more surprising than the last. 

With saying that though,  the whole plotline seemed so one dimensional. I know that this is a shark movie, the whole story is about surviving a shark attack, but I wished they added other smaller conflicts to add more drama and choices to the plot.  

 As you watch the movie, the characters begin to show you their true nature. Some of them are good-hearted and do not abandon their friends, even if it is hopeless. Others however are more cutthroat. Survival of the fittest; they refuse to die, and if they have to push others down they will do just that.

At the beginning of the movie there was a promise of a romance between certain characters, but that all went out the window once all the male characters were killed off. I was kinda disappointed in that decision. It would’ve added some more conflicts to the story. Would the couple stay together and try to survive, or would one of them leave the other for dead? That decision would’ve added great context to the plot.

 But even with all my criticism, 47 Meters Down: Unchanged surpasses its original movie, 47 Meters Down. This movie has it all; life, death, friendship, betrayal, loyalty, fear, survival, and above all family.