High School Fashion Week

Students and Staff show off their style

September 16, 2019

English I Teacher Tamara Beam

How would you describe your style?

“Ecliptic. It’s not going to be the same day to day, It’s going to be different all the time, depending on my mood and what we’re doing in class, and what I can do to get my kids’ attention.”


Do you have any shopping advice? 

“Keep it loose, so you can move.”


If you could raid anyone’s closet, whose would it be?

“Princess Diana, because she was so elegant all the time.” 

Senior Regan Hamill

How would you describe your style?

“I’d say that’s it’s almost business-casual. I really don’t like wearing jeans because I find them uncomfortable, so this year I’ve worn a lot of colored slacks. I kind of dress like one of those young substitutes if we’re being honest because I wear a huge cardigan a lot and a belt.”


What are your favorite stores to shop at?

“I don’t know, maybe H&M and then Crew. I don’t shop a lot.”


If you could raid anyone’s closet, whose would it be?

My mom, she dresses really well. But her feet are bigger than mine, so whenever I wear her shoes they kinda clink and fall off. Also, she’s a little larger than me, so the clothes are a little oversized, but that’s alright” 

Senior Kendall Cooksy

What are your favorite fashion trends? 

“I really like bell bottoms, those are a big trend I really like. Platforms shoes are awesome.” 


Where do you get your fashion inspiration from? 

“I just wear vintage things. I watch Friends, so I like what they wear because they’re really 90’s. And That 70’s Show, they also dress really cute on there.” 


Do you have any shopping advice? 

“I always try to shop pretty cheap, but get something really good. At Forever 21 they had a clearance sale and I got a pair of pants for $4” 

Sophomore Bryant Mcclendon

What do you want to convey about yourself through your outfits?

“That I am bright, powerful, and out-going.”


What’s your favorite element of this outfit?

“My chains, because it’s something I don’t wear usually.”


Why do you like thrifting?

“I like D.I.Y-ing stuff, so I got the jeans to DIY. I did the holes and painted it by myself.”

Sophomore Kaleb Brown

How do you put together an outfit?

“I try to find colors that match or go well together. For example, today I had a purple shirt and purple tie, but it was purple and black stripes, and it wasn’t the same color purple. Normally you wouldn’t do that, like purple pants and a purple shirt, but with ties, there’s an exception. Just find clothes that either go together or look good together.”


Who in the media inspires your outfits?

“I just dress however I feel like dressing.”


What are your favorite places to shop?

“What I’m wearing right now, Old Navy and JCPenny, because they aren’t expensive but still good quality.” 


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