A Teacher’s Guide to TikTok Tuesday

A Teacher's Guide to TikTok Tuesday

Ashlynn Patterson, Staff Writer

With so many new trends buzzing around the school, teachers are clueless when it comes to more specific spirit days. On Tuesday, students and teachers are encouraged to dress as their favorite TikTok stereotype in celebration of Homecoming week. Fortunately for the teachers, (and students, if needed) the Paw Prints staff have made this guide for how to dress up for TikTok Tuesday.


  • E-boys/E-girls
    • Black nail polish
    • Silver earrings (one that dangles, one stud)
    • Chunky Chains
    • Padlock necklaces
    • Black and white long-sleeved shirts
    • Black ripped jeans with fishnet tights underneath
    • Old rock band shirts
    • Vans
    • Eyeliner hearts on the cheekbone
    • Checkered pattern
    • Dark colored 90’s inspired style/grunge
    • Plaid pants
  • VSCO girls/boys
    • Hydroflask
    • Scrunchies
    •  Messy Bun
    • Oversized t-shirts
    • “Preppy” brands (Patagonia, Ivory Ella, Vineyard Vines, Racquet & Jog)
    • Kanken Backpacks
    • Nike slides, Birkenstocks, Air Force Ones, Jandals, Sperry’s, Crocs
    • Cowrie shell necklace
    • Friendship bracelets
  • Soft Girl/Boy
    • Barrettes 
    • Kitten clips
    • Blush across face
    • Floral patterns/ pastel colors
    • “Mom jeans” (these are high-waisted bootcut jeans cuffed)
    • Chunky shoes
    • Wide belt
    • Hawaiian shirts
    • Glasses (this includes circular and small lenses/frames, and tinted sunglasses)
    • Khakis
    • White t-shirts under spaghetti strap tops
    • Light colored 90’s inspired style
    • Glossy and shiny makeup
    • Collared shirts and polos


Hopefully this guide has helped you find your TikTok alter-ego and how to represent it. If you need more ideas or a visual, Pinterest is a good way to figure out how to piece together the aesthetic that you’re trying to fit.