A Different Tune

Senior Joins First Year Choir

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A Different Tune

Alivia Caples, Staff Writer

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Senior Connor Tompkins inspires himself, and uses his passion for music, along with his will, to learn to do choir. To make his senior year special,he joined a team like organization he thought would be beneficial.

“I’ve been in choir for about four weeks,’’ Tompkins said. “This is my first year and I joined because I thought I had a nice voice, and I wanted to learn the basics of music like notes, chords, and sight-reading.”

Since Tompkins is new to the choir scenery, he expects that it would take some time adjusting. It would introduce new and different ways of thinking he would not think of facing.

“Choir is a group of singers that work together to sing in harmony,” choir student Alex Vickers said. “Choir is like a big family, where you support each other, and work together to sing the music.”

Tompkins knew what he was heading towards, and he stepped up to the plate. Everything he is learning will help him later in his career in the upcoming future that is unknown to him.

“The things I learn in choir will allow me to be a composer as a sort of side job, which can help me with side projects in the future,” said Tompkins. “Maybe one day I’ll use my music skills to produce original video game music.”

With his aspirations in mind, Tompkins works every day in choir class. In turn, he takes advantage of any opportunities he can get his hands on.

“TMEA stands for Texas Music Education Association,” Director of Choir Amy McMichael said. “It is a professional organization that sponsors music competitions and events.”

Tompkins plans on attending some of the competitions TMEA sponsors in choir. He plans to prepare and utilizes his time in and out of class to perfect himself.

“I plan on going to most of the competitions but not all of them,” said Tompkins. “Usually, I prepare by reading the songs beforehand; practicing and singing them in their entirety.”

Learning and practicing for choir competitions is not just singing to a new popular song and hoping it sticks. It takes time and patience to perfect the piece and Tompkins knows this all too well.

“In competitions, we sing “cuts” of the music, which is just a few select measures in the song,” said Vickers. “We also do sight-reading using solfege.”

By attending some of the competitions Tompkins learns a lot that will help him in his video game designer career. Although, his aspirations for the choir is not only influenced by his career choice but also out of interest and curiosity.

“I just think it would be nice to sing in different keys,” said Tompkins. “Also, how to sight-read and how to maintain a singing voice.”