Empower Club


Kat Carlow, Staff Writer

After Junior Angela Owa’s first year in public school, she realized the difference of student diversity compared to private school. Owa decided to take advantage of these assortments of ideas and proposed Empower club, a new club that gives students a voice to express their opinions about certain ideas and have an outlet to be an advocate for change. Empower Club meets every other Friday, B Lunch, in Mrs. Holzbauer’s room, (as of publication, the next meeting will take place October 4th.) Any students interested in joining may do so by attending club meetings. 


“In the private school I went to, there wasn’t much diversity in thought, so moving to Whitehouse really opened my eyes to seeing how there’s many different types of people and perspectives, and that was intriguing to me,” Owa said.“I noticed that although we have a bigger diversity in Whitehouse, intellectually though there wasn’t a lot of conversation because people were reluctant to talk because they didn’t know how others would perceive them.”


Empower stands for Everyone Makes Powerful Opinions With Established Respect. Empower club promises to be a safe space for students to share their ideas and opinions without judgement.


“Students that really want to discuss issues that they may not normally feel comfortable discussing in other places can come and feel comfortable,” club sponsor Sarah Holzbauer said. “The club will find issues they see in the community and discuss them, then go out and make a change by using what they discuss.”


Owa hopes to get people involved in events around the Tyler community, and grow the club to host their own events as well.


 “I hope that Empower club encourages students to think. Students here believe that they have to be silent because they think they don’t have a voice, and empower club will give them one, ” Club member Leilani Hurtado said.“If you are someone who wants to speak but feels as if they can’t, then this club is for you. Empower club exists to give you a voice and a way to speak up.”


Before each meeting, students will be given the topic discussed at the next meeting. Topics can range anywhere from School dress code to climate change. For more information about the Club, contact Angela Owa through social media. 


“As much as it’s great to want to go to different events and be involved, the core reason why I started this club is to challenge people to be able to articulate their opinions and thoughts and not be caught up in what people around them are thinking, not to say what they’ve been taught is wrong, but sometimes when you’ve only been exposed to one way of thinking, it can limit how you view the world.” Owa said.