What’s In Your Purse?


McKenzie Gray, Staff Writer

After being inspired by Refinery29’s: What’s In My Purse series featuring the glamorous celebrities of Hollywood, we asked the school’s own personal celebrities: teachers. Two selected teachers document essentials they keep in their teacher-approved bags for any ungraded paper or a healthy, nutritious lunch.

Mrs. Nelson, English II

“So, this is my makeup bag  in case I need to touch my lipstick up (6). This is my son’s lunch because he’s a senior at my school, and I heat his lunch (1). These are my workout shorts because I’m going for a walk after school (8). This is my parmesan cheese because I’m going to spice up my green beans (7); this is my cinnamon to put on my bananas (2). I have a billfold in case I need to spend money at school. Diet Dr. Pepper for when it’s the afternoon, and I’m very tired (5). Of course, multiple red grading pens because I’m a teacher and why not (not pictured). Last but not least, my coffee cup (4).”


Mrs. Cook, English I

“A picture order form that I have forgotten to use (2), wallet (4), and a mirror (not pictured). Checkbook, of course (5). Random rocks; there’s a story behind that, but it’s too long to tell (6). Pens, more pens (not pictured). Paperwork always (9). I have a lot of trash! Oh! Time magazines because you never know when you’re stuck somewhere and get bored, and you need to read something (1). Planner (3), lotion (8), and Reader’s Digest (7); that’s pretty much it!”