Insatiable, Instantly Amazing


McKenzie Gray, Staff Writer

Amidst controversies of fat-shaming and homophobia, Netflix’s original series Insatiable was renewed for a second season, and I am quickly excited by the thought of binging the new season in the comfort of my home surrounded by snacks and warm blankets. If you have not been able to watch the series, beware that this is a review with spoilers! But before we begin, here’s a brief recap of what you missed in the first season.

Patty Bladell (Debby Ryan) is ridiculed by her classmates in her small-town high school for being overweight, which leads to her being rejected by her crush, Brick Armstrong. Dejected, Patty sits outside of a convenience store where a homeless man insults her weight; consequently, she gets punched by the man resulting in a broken jaw. A liquid diet while in the hospital miraculously allows Patty to drastically drop her  weight as she is discovered by once-renowned pageant coach Bob Armstrong. Bob takes Patty under his wing and teaches Patty how to be a proper pageant princess while navigating his failing career as she enters a spiral of irrational thoughts and pursues Bob’s son and another boy, Christian. Little does she know, her best friend Nonnie is in love with her. Along with the fact that Patty’s mother is a recovering alcoholic who falls for any man she meets, and she’s on trial for the assault of the homeless man. The season ends with Patty brutally murdering her love interest Christian leaving the audience wondering… what is going to happen next? 

After a serious marathon with no breaks, the show wows me even more! The story of Patty’s urge to overeat whenever anything goes wrong forms into a full-fledged amazing lesson on eating disorders and how one can be happy with themselves. Bob becomes faced with the decision of staying with his wife, being with the man he loves, or both, as he defends Patty in several murder cases. This season, Patty’s pageant status rises so does the number of crime scenes she happens to be in. I actively enjoyed the comedy, which has stepped up since last year. Magnolia Barnard, the daughter of Bob’s male love interest, has become one of my favorite characters since she has humbled down a bit. Her storyline offers the audience an insight on teenagers with heavy substance abuse. One thing that drove me insanely crazy: the main love triangle between Bob Armstrong, Bob Barnard, and CoraLee. Bob just can’t seem to choose even after CoraLee opts to divorce him. 

The show has its funny moments, but it’s full of so many valuable stories people need to hear. Insatiable means the act of something to be impossible to satisfy, but this brand new season is spectacularly fulfilling.