You Can’t Run From Yourself

Staff Writer Reviews Gemini Man


Photo by Courtesy Photo from IMDb

Gemini Man Movie Poster

Imahn McAlister, Staff Writer

The producers of Gemini Man were smart in casting Will Smith as the lead male role in the movie. With his name on the project fans from all over were waiting in anticipation to watch Will Smith’s newest project, especially after his success in Aladdin. I have to admit, I just went to watch the movie because Will Smith was in it, but I was pleasantly surprised about the quality of the movie plot.

Gemini Man follows Henry Brogan (Will Smith), who wants to retire after a long career as the best military hitman this country has ever seen.. But before Henry can, he stumbles onto something when he realizes that his own government is having him kill– not terrorist– but U.S citizens that were involved in a government black ops operation nicknamed Gemini Man. Once the government realizes that Henry is on to them, they send an assassin to “retire” him. Henry has to not only fight to survive, but also face his greatest fear: himself.

This movie plot is not just action packed but is filled with valuable life lessons. Earlier in the movie Henry reveals how he really feels about his job. Henry says that the day to day killing is chipping away at hsi soul and that he avoids mirrors because he is afraid of what he will see. And now as Henry has to face Junior, his clone, he is literally forced to look at himself and the past he has desperately tried to outrun. And as he fights Junior he fights not to kill him, but to make Junior listen to him. Henry has gone through so much in his life and as he looks at Junior he sees a chance to right so very horrible wrong and do some good in the world. 

The action pack plot is what drew the audience in, but the heartfelt message that our past does not have to define who we become is what the audience took away from it.. I give this movie five stars.