10 Spooky Songs to Jam to on Halloween Night


Kat Carlow, Staff Writer


  • Toxic – Brittney Spears 


This one is a classic, it is practically illegal if you don’t listen to it on Halloween.


  • Come Along – Pentatonix


Everyone say thank you to my mommy for being a hardcore Pentatonix fan and telling me to add this song. 


  • Spooky Scary Skeletons (Remix) – Andrew Gold


Made popular thanks to internet memes, this song has been a staple in spooky playlists for the past five years.


  • Girl Next Door – Copperpot


If you do not know where this song is from, I highly suggest you turn on Netflix after reading this article and watch the entire My BabySitter’s a Vampire series (and the movie.)


  • Tell Me It’s a Nightmare -Kim Petras


Off her latest album, Tell Me It’s a Nightmare is the perfect song to dance around your house while dressed as your last minute Pinterest costume.


  • Walking On Air – Kerli 


Thanks to a dance recital in 2014, I have been bopping to this creepy story of a song every Halloween and can not imagine the holiday without it. 


  • Monster – Lady GaGa


While Moster is not an intentional Halloween song, the thought of someone “Eating Gaga’s heart” is enough scare to classify it as one 


  • E.T – Katy Perry


Admit it, E.T is still in your driving playlist on Spotify, but while you may have been already been jamming to it throughout the year, it hits different on a spooky night such as Halloween. 


  • Massacre – Kim Petras 


Another song off Kim Petras’s latest album, however, If Carol of the Bells was a Halloween song, this would be it. Paring this style with the rhythmics, it’s sure to become one of your favourite. 


  • Calling all the Monsters -China Anne Mcclain


Everyone apart of Generation Z knows this song, we all circled around the TV to watch the premiere of the music video during Spooktober on Disney Channel.