High School Jobs

High School Jobs

Carter De Los Santos, Staff Writer

Students have always known that at some point in their life they are going to need a job. Here is a list of part-time jobs for high school students.


Bath & Body Works: 


Working during the holiday season, students can take up the position as a seasonal sales associate. Employees here sell lotions, body creams, and candles to anyone that comes in through the door. Other jobs include management, shipping, and shelving, for those who want limited customer interaction. 

“Yeah it has conflicts and ups and downs but what job doesn’t,” senior Seth Webb said. “The benefits are great, the pay is great, and the people are typically nice and the ones that aren’t I mean you know you don’t have to necessarily interact with them all that much because your time is spent mostly interacting with customers, so yeah I would recommend the job to anyone that can get it.”  


Studio Movie Grill: 


 Students working at Studio Movie Grill are assigned specific tasks such as a “runner”, they hand people their orders, prepare their drinks, and clean the theatre between showings.

“At Studio Movie Grill it’s really easy I think because they are really flexible with your schedule so I think it is a really good place if you’re doing school,”senior Jackson Hiltpold said.“If you are at school and stuff it is a good place to work because they’re really flexible and they understand that you are still in school so they’ll let you do whatever you need to while you are at school.”




Working at Brookshires requires students to do the things any person working in a store to do from cashier, custodian, to stocker. 


“It is a good starting job for high school because they have good hours and you can request off easily, but the money isn’t the best,” senior  Kallista Nackos said.