Ian Colletti as Arseface//Courtesy Photo (Photo by Courtesy Photo)
Ian Colletti as Arseface//Courtesy Photo

Photo by Courtesy Photo

Review: Preacher

September 25, 2016

The comedy based TV show, Preacher, made its debut this summer on AMC. The show has many strong themes and characters, such as a preacher who used to be a hitman, an Irish vampire, angels, and the great almighty God himself. The main character, Jesse Custer, also known as Preacher, is just trying to help his town by showing citizens the path to God but is haunted by his dangerous past. His situation worsens when he soon becomes under the influence of a half angel/half demon entity called Genesis.

The show has very serious settings but a funny atmosphere which makes you fall in love with it even more. You would never think that you could love a suicidal violent teenager named “arseface” who has attempted murder, but the show will make you root for the most unlikely characters. The brains behind the show is the hilarious Seth Rogen, who helps bring the comedy to its feet. Preacher is similar to the popular show The Walking Dead, but without the zombies and tense characters. Both shows have an amazing cast that bring a lot to the table, with very different entertaining plots and a lot of gore; Preacher is just more comedic.

Preacher is truly an amazing show that is full of action, comedy and is worth a weekend binge section. I would strongly suggest this show to everyone.

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