We Will Never Forget

The 15th anniversary of the tragedy that shook America

Ariel Orr, Junior Editor

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September 11th, 2016 marked the 15th anniversary of the terrorist attack that caused the collapse of the World Trade Center.

A group of hijackers gained control of four planes, three of which ended up flying directly into the Twin Towers as well as the Pentagon. The collapse of the towers alone caused one of the deadliest terrorist attacks in all of United States history.

“I remember I was at home with my dad,” junior Ja’Niya Mitchell said. “It was a horrible event that changed everything.”

Americans stepped up to help one another by collecting food, water, assisting in medical care and providing moral support after 2,996 people lost their lives and more than 6,000 others were left severely injured.

“9/11 was a very symbolic tragedy that brought fear,” senior Brooke Harding said. “But it also brought people closer together.”

To this day, many Americans still get peace from the memories of Americans of all races, genders, and ages uniting for one cause.

No matter how bad things get, our country will always work together.”

— Junior Caleb Tarr

Since the attack, many changes have been made across the United States to try and prevent future terrorist attacks, such as stricter airport security and restrictions.

“It was a wake up call to what this world can be full of,” Harding said. “I feel worried but also reassured because America has done so much to keep us safe.”

People all across the United States remembered the events that took place that day, 15 years ago, by holding services, tributes and visiting grave sites. September 11th, 2001, is a day that will never be forgotten, nor will all the innocent men and women who lost their lives unexpectedly that day.

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