Sam Germosen: Big City to Small Town

The story of junior Sam Germosen


Sam Germosen holding a map of her journey (Taken by Whitney Ethridge)

Whitney Ethridge, Staff Reporter

The distance from New York City, NY to Whitehouse, TX is one thousand, five hundred and thirteen miles, which is equivalent to a three and a half hour flight, or a full day of non-stop driving. There’s a difference in culture and customs just as big as the distance between the two states. Moving to a new state can be difficult, but imagine being moved to a new state in between Jr. High and High School, which is exactly what junior Sam Germosen had to.

Germosen made this untimely move between eighth grade and freshman year. Upon arriving at Whitehouse High she knew no one, but when she joined choir she found a group of friends that helped the transition to Whitehouse, Texas easier.

“I had a hard time, I thought I wouldn’t fit in, but choir really did help, [during the move]. It allowed me to do what I love and it helped me make friends,” Germosen said.

Germosen quickly found friends with similar interests, and became more comfortable with performing.

“I could relate to my friends and it was easy to talk to them about the things we have in common,” Germosen said. “Being with friends that love to perform really helped me come out of my shell.”

During her sophomore year, Germosen joined theatre, and was immediately recognized for her talents. She starred in Seussical Jr., where she could show off her singing and acting skills.

“She is so talented,” fellow choir member senior Monica Plaza stated. “I’m really happy she came to Whitehouse!”

Now it’s Sam’s junior year and she’s in varsity choir and theater. She is busy with learning lines, songs and preparing for performances and competitions.

“I look forward to all our performances!” Germosen said in response to her busy year. “Beauty and the Beast, the Madrigal Dinner, and everything else I get to participate in!”

Germosen moved here and made a great addition to the Whitehouse High School performing arts programs. She now intends to major in Vocal Music at whatever college she attends.

“The performing arts programs here have really impacted me, and they helped me find my overall career path,” Germosen said.