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Programs coming to Netflix this weekend

Three White Helmets (

Amanda Brent, Staff Reporter

With the weekend starting some people just want to relax so here are some of the new shows, movies, and seasons coming out this weekend on Netflix are returning ones that Netflix has made themselves, or they have been allowed to put up.  About 6 new shows/seasons are coming up on Netflix this weekend,  many people might be excited about these shows/ movies coming out because some of them might sound interesting.

Cedric The Entertainer: Live from the Ville is a TV movie and comedy, the cast is Cedric the entertainer. Cerdric is a stand up comedian and is a very well known man and also has been in some movies. This is just one of the shows coming to Netflix on Today.  Along with, Raiders!: The Story of the Greatest Fan Film Ever Made which is a documentary, adventure, biography and was made by 3 eleven year olds over all 7 summers of their youth. They were able to remake every scene but the last one which they will have to wait  25 years to make.  The other show that comes out the same day is Three White Helmets a documentary about a group of  first responders that is made up of about 2,900 strong men, but the documentary only follows 3 of the men while they help to find people in the rubble after the bombs hit in Syira during the war.

All three are great sounding shows and have a variety of different genres of movie that someone might find something that they would enjoy watching.