The Hollywood Lie

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Growing up I had always been under the impression that high school was the place where you had the best moments of your life. I would finally get invited to parties, fall in love with some Zac Efron look-alike, and maybe even have an epic sing off every time there was a home game. In the end I would find out who I really am, but no, Hollywood lied. High school is nothing like the cliche teenage movies; it’s the complete opposite.

There aren’t any model-like people walking around, and I’ve never been to a party where the police had to come. The only time when I have gotten close to a sing off was two long years in choir,  however I have been in love though, but unlike the movies it ended in a not-so-happy ending.

In the movies you never see anyone doing any work. High school is pretty much all work and little play. I have absolutely have no free time, and when I finally do have free time I have to plan my homework and school schedule around whatever I want to do. Not everyone has the time to juggle theater, classes, sports and friends. It’s just hard for me to handle school work and a healthy sleep schedule. Basically what I’m trying to say is that teens in movies clearly aren’t going through the stress that real high school student do.

There are two things every high school has in common; a lot of work and even more rules. We can’t have “distracting” hair colors, girls’ dresses can only be 3 inches above the knees and god forbid you show someone a shoulder. Every time I see a movie based around high school the first thing I think is, “How are these girls wearing crop tops and shorts as small as my patience for Donald Trump supporters?” Seriously, who in their right mind thinks a high school would let their students actually dress like that. Most high schools have uniforms just to prevent us from coming to school looking like harlots, so how did the movies end up thinking we actually wear clothes like this to school? The world may never know.

Although at times I do wish high school was more like the movies. It would definitely be a lot easier. I wouldn’t have as many worries as I do now. The thought of never doing homework, going to outrageous parties, having way too cool teachers, seeing drop dead gorgeous people everyday for four years sounds awesome and never stressing out over school work sounds even better. However, when you really think about it, the movies aren’t all sunshines and rainbows. Girls are literally killing each other to be popular, drama is always around the corner, anyone can be a back stabber, and the bullying is borderline ridiculous. The movies just have way too much drama to handle. So maybe boring real life high school isn’t so bad after all!

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