Does Media Affect Teens?



Haley Butler, Senior Editor

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Most turn to entertainment to take their minds away from everyday life or to spend time with family or friends. Living in a city such as Tyler, there are limited things to do other than seeing a movie at the cinema.

The most common form of entertainment is movies, which are watched by people of all ages. Films can be entertaining, however, in today’s world movies are being produced including vulgar language or explicit scenes. Movies are developing to become gruesome and could even attract bad attention. Teens are the most common age group to be impacted by movies, according to

“I go to see movies all the time with my friends when we hang out,” sophomore Sebastian Martin said. “When you live somewhere with limited things to do, the theaters are an attraction.”

Movies that can draw attention from teens include examples such as Sausage Party and Don’t Breathe. Both previously released movies advertise as being a comedy cartoon or a thriller and both movies included sexual situations and disturbing content. A hypothesis of many could state that movies with such content may influence teens’ sexual decisions.

“With each generation the level of conservatism is going down and the issue of being able to express yourself has become more popular and so many people think using strong language is just another way of expressing yourself,” junior Alex Baham said.

Other than influencing a teens’ decisions, it is possible to develop disturbances in everyday life such as sleep difficulties or continual avoidance of events shown in movies. According to, movies could also have long term effects or an obsessive amount of thinking or talking about the scene of the movie.

“I think to selective people, some movies could be traumatic because they aren’t use to seeing actions occurring like some in the movies,” junior Landon Jones said. “Not all movies that come out in theaters are bad though, advertising entices you to see the movie, then the movie is different than what was shown on television and expected.”

Although some films have a negative effect on their audience, it doesn’t mean they are all going to. Before seeing a movie, read a review and look at the reasonings behind the rating.

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