Jarret Carnes: Back on Track


Photo by Becca Gray

Jarret Carnes with fellow STUCO member Hallei Johnson

Alesha Acton, Staff Reporter

Jarret Carnes is a student here at Whitehouse High School. He is in the band, tennis team, and is the student body VP.  He is very involved in school activities and is a proud member of WHS.

Last May, Carnes was experiencing chest pains that sent him to the ER. After taking X-Rays, Carnes found out that he had a pneumothorax (what causes a lung to collapse) in his left lung.  He was taken out of tennis and band for six weeks. School had just let out for the summer, so he wasn’t really affected by being taken out of activities.

This past September, Carnes had a second pneumothorax. He was at tennis practice and started feeling sharp pains on his right side. He automatically knew there was something wrong with his lungs. He was sent to the ER and discovered that his right lung had deflated by 15%. Carnes later went back to the ER, where he discovered that his lung was now deflated by 30%. Due to the severity of his lung condition, he was rushed to the Children’s Medical Center in Dallas.

At the Children’s Medical Center, Carnes had part of his lung removed. Two days prior he was supposed to go back to school, he started having pains on his left side. So he had to repeat everything all over again.

“New perspectives would be my biggest thing to have gained from this experience,” Carnes said. “I have never been in a hospital before or had surgery, and I now know how that feels.”

Being away from school, family, and friends was tough for Carnes. It was very stressful staying in a hospital for over 2 weeks. This experience definitely took a toll on Carnes, but with the support of all his family, friends, and even the WHS band, he is able to make it through this troubled time.

Carnes is happy to be back home after a tiring stay at the hospital. He is able to march and play with the with the band and play tennis again. He is making a great recovery back at home.