Review: Destiny, Rise of Iron

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The latest Destiny expansion, Rise of Iron, adds many great activities in your journey to becoming an Iron Lord, and Bungie is here to deliver that journey with their brand of storytelling.

With the time I spent with game, I have many good things to say about the expansion. Bungie places you back in Old Russia to explore the newly added Plaguelands, where you have discovered that the Fallen are experimenting with “Siva” (a technological plague sealed by the previous Iron Lords). This is where you embark upon your journey by taking the Iron Temple (the new social space for Rise of Iron). Even if the story is packed into five missions, it makes up by having many other activities to fulfill your Guardian duties in the Plaguelands and the Crucible.

Starting off with the new arena, the Archon’s Forge is where you and two friends can smite Siva-infused Fallen enemies to gain exclusive loot. Another activity is the all new Raid, The Wrath Of The Machine, where you can gain exclusive raid loot and a secret raid exotic. The heroic mode came out the on the 18th of October.

For you Crucible players, Lord Shaxx has practically thrown the keys of the Crucible at you with the long awaited introduction of private matches for you and friends, and the introduction of the new game mode Supremacy, where every kill awards a crest and, once collected, they add points to your score.

So far the Rise of Iron is great addition to Destiny with many activities for all Guardians. Updates are being pumped out by Bungie all the time to keep us interested and coming back for more.

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