Dreaming in the City


Timia Cobb, Staff Reporter

I’m gonna try to not make this a series of complaints about how horrible life can be as a teenager, but it’s possible that won’t work.

When I was little I remember sitting at my aunt’s house and watching a show that would impact my life forever: “Sex in the City.” So maybe this show wasn’t “appropriate” for a 10-year-old girl who hasn’t even begun to think about boys, relationships and real life problems, but it did help me realize what I want to be: a writer. Carrie Bradshaw, one of the main characters of the show, lives in Manhattan, New York and writes for Vogue Magazine. Just seeing how amazing she is in every episode and how inspiring her writings were made me realize that I wanted to write and be just like her someday .

Now we all know when growing up we go through the stage of “what do I want to be in life”. Well, with me I always knew that I wanted to write but always seemed to push it off as a hobby. But when I entered high school I found myself always writing about my friendships, my non-existing love life and any emotion I could put on paper. I never felt more like Carrie; writing about life helped me understand everything more. In every episode, Carrie would always sit at her desk and write an important piece of advice on possibly any subject that could help any girl going through that similar situation,and I felt like I was doing the same thing.

Now I’m not saying I’m the next Carrie Bradshaw, but maybe I’m on my way there. Although my life situations are more for the average teenage girl, not a grown woman wondering why her boyfriend hasn’t popped the question or something more serious, but I can be that wise figure when someone’s needing life advice.

In some ways, I hope one day my life can be like Carrie’s: full of fashion, my best friends, laughter and doing what I love, and writing. I’ve always had the dream of going to college, moving to the city, making friends, getting a job at some big magazine,and having the best days of my life. “Sex in the City” helped me find and want that dream. It made me realize what I want in life and I’m never going to stop wanting that.