(The StoryPedia)

Katrina Christine, Staff Reporter

I’m afraid, afraid of the dark
Sleeping isn’t just a walk in the park
Monsters come out and give you fear
They crawl in your room and come up near
Shh little one and be a good dear
Listen up quick and listen up here

Monsters aren’t under your bed
Look they’re up here, up in you head
Your dreams and passions slowly they fed
Making you feel as though you were dead
Hurry get up, get up out of bed
They look to corrupt you with the things they’ve said

Don’t listen to them, don’t listen please
They only tell you things they want you to believe
Think happy thoughts and make them leave
Because with good thoughts anything you can achieve  

Don’t be afraid, afraid of the dark
Sleeping is just simply a walk in the park
Don’t let the monsters in, and don’t you fear
With happy thoughts they will never come near