Remembering 9/11

First Responder Appreciation Breakfast


Alivia Caples, Editor

A drive-thru breakfast will be held for the Whitehouse first responders on September 11th at 8:45 a.m.. hosted by Criminal Justice teacher Kay Bachert and Career Technical Education (CTE) students in honor of 9/11. The event will take place in the student drop off area and end at 9:30 a.m. 

“The first responders who are on duty like the State Patrol, Sheriff Department, Police, WHS Security Officers, Fire Department, our school Resource Officers, and Ambulance Services are invited,” Bachert said. “We are going to have students by the guard shack directing them to the front of the building.”

The students who are involved with the drive-thru breakfast include the senior culinary volunteers and the Family, Career, and Community Leaders of America (FCCLA) volunteers. The FCCLA students will be helping hand out the breakfast alongside the culinary students. 

“We are doing the food aspect of this event, because Coach B [Bachert] has approached me and asked me to join forces with the CTE,” Culinary teacher Casey Treat said. “A couple of the seniors volunteered, so we are going to create a pancake breakfast.”

The senior culinary volunteers decided they are going to prepare pancakes, scrambled eggs, and breakfast potatoes. 

“We are preparing as much as possible for Friday,” Senior Katelyn Bowman said. “We are cooking first thing Friday morning that way we will be prepared for when they [the first responders] get here.” 

Everything will be individually packaged to avoid any contamination, while the first responders receive their appreciation breakfast. 

“They will drive up by coming through the school driveway and as they are coming in the Criminal Justice students will be holding signs welcoming them,” Treat said. “Then my students will help hand out the food.” 

The event will show the first responders how appreciated they are and honor the responders who sacrificed their life during 9/11. 

“It will help build up our community relations,” Bachert said. “When you know your community supports you, it really drives you.” 

Invitation done by: Leilani Hurtoda