Hassle of the Masks

Even though its hard, wear your mask!


Kyle Hendrix, Staff Writer

We all absolutely love the struggles of mask fog, mask acne, and mask breath. These are pains that come with wearing a mask, but there are easy solutions to solving them.

Almost everyone has experienced the effects of mask fog, but take a moment to imagine walking around in a mask while wearing glasses. One quick breath and bam, mask fogged. A quick fix to this solution is washing the glasses with soapy water. Also,  anti-fog lenses could be another solution, but it does cost money.  The best way that works for the majority of people with glasses is to adjust your mask under glasses. The glasses pinch the cloth material down which prevents the irritating fog from creeping up.

Mask acne is a personal struggle that both teens and adults are facing. Some people have it worse than others but the masks are slowly turning people into pepperoni pizzas. The masks are holding all of the face oils on the face and causing newly formed acne that is such a pain to look at. Even the people who never get acne are now complaining about the masks causing their face to break out. Honestly, the only way to solve this struggle is to wash your face every morning and night. Use hot water, to open your pores, and acne soap to fight off those face oils and wash your face off with cold water, so your pores close back up. Also, using face masks to moisturize the skin at least once every two weeks would further help prevent mask acne. 

Finally, the worst mask of them all, mask breath. Breathing in the smell of the sandwich that was just eaten after lunch is absolutely horrid. Sometimes the aroma of the gum can combat bad breath but it goes back to the eyes and causes tears. The pain of the minty gum is sometimes too much to bear. What’s even worse is that there is no way to stop mask breath fully. 

There are lots of other struggles that come from wearing a mask but these are just some that put the icing on the cake. Not everyone enjoys the mask life 24/7 but even with these struggles wearing them is very important in maintaining everyone’s safety. That is why finding accommodations to these minor inconveniences helps us all!