Spotify Wrapped 2020 Explained

What is Spotify Wrapped and how does it work?


Kyle Hendrix, Staff Writer

It’s that time of year again! While many are gearing up for the holiday season, listeners everywhere are reliving their 2020 through songs on Spotify Wrapped.


Every year Spotify does a recap of the year by showing listeners their favorite songs from the past year. Everyone gets their own specialized playlist recapping who their favorite artists are, what their favorite songs were, and how long they listened to Spotify in the past year.


Along with specialized playlists, Spotify also releases a recap of the most listened-to songs and artists from the entire world. Spotify is also giving a new look into listener habits


Listeners everywhere are taking their top ranked artists and songs and are sharing them to their social media to show what their 2020 was like in the form of songs.


To find your Spotify Wrapped, simply log into the app or desktop browser. Make sure the software is updated and there should be a window show your Spotify wrapped top 100 playlist and another analytics to show how you, the listener, fought through 2020