Soccer’s Scrimmage Game

First Soccer Game of the Season


Photo by Alivia Caples

Varsity team lines up for group photo.

Alivia Caples, Editor

Whitehouse varsity and junior varsity girl soccer teams will have their scrimmage game against Hallsville on December 30th at 2:30 p.m. 

“We practice in the mornings from 5:30-7:15. It is very intense and requires a lot of focus. I am not feeling super good because we are still trying to learn to work together, but we will see what happens,” Junior Lauren Thomas said. “We have players who have grown up playing together and some who are new to the team and do not know how to read the ball or the player.”

Between planning outings together and practices the team hopes they will start to know each other better for when they get out on the field according to Junior Aleesia Hester.

“We’ve been working on a lot of individual skills, building up to a place where over the next week or so we would be able to start working more on team strategy,” Soccer Coach Wendy Knight said. “We are just really trying to push them and get them ready for a higher level of soccer then what we’ve been doing in the fall.”

The girls are practicing different drills that consist of not looking at the ball and two touches. 

“I’m not nervous but COVID has made us work extra hard,” Junior La’Krissa Hester said. “We have to wear masks while practicing and it causes a lot of breathing issues. COVID has also made our coach tell us to eat all together in the library.”

Besides having to wear a mask and maintaining six feet apart everything is pretty much normal during practices according to Junior Kylie Freeman.

“I enjoy being able to play with my friends and represent my school,” Freeman said. “We become a family and know how to make things fun but be serious enough during the game to play our best.”