Upcoming powerlifting meet for boys and girls


Powerlifting’s season schedule

Alivia Caples, Editor

Powerlifting teams will host a meet on February 11th against Jacksonville, Troup, West Rusk, Hallsville, Lindale, and Henderson.

“This year our meets are required to be smaller, limiting them to only eight teams,” Coach Evan Beaton said. “Athletes, coaches, judges, and workers will all have to wear masks unless a lifter is lifting. Also, temperatures will be taken at the weigh-in before the meet begins.”

Girls and boys have morning practices from 6:15 to 7:30 and after school practices until 4:45 in the weight room. 

“I go to the before and after school weight room, I focus on the three main weights which are bench, squat, and deadlift. I mostly do what I think will make me better unless the coach says to focus on something else,” sophomore Rhett Hutchins said. “Every powerlifting meet starts with the squat which is loading up the bar, you put it on your back, and then squat down and get up. Next, you move to the bench so you can give your legs a break. All the bench is, is laying on a bench and pressing weights off your chest. After that is Deadlift which is picking up weights from the ground. It is pretty much the opposite of squat.”

Powerlifters compete against other lifters who are in the same weight class as them; for example, a person weighing 120 pounds would not compete against a person weighing 98 pounds. 

“It is scored like a track meet. Team point scoring for all individual, regional, and state meets will be 7, 5, 3, 2, 1 for the first five finishers in each weight class. Places are awarded on the total weight lifted in the three lifts: squat, bench press, and deadlift,” Beaton said. “Highest scoring team wins the meet…in summary, there are three judges and each judge is looking at particular things throughout the lift and either rules the lift good or not. To be a good lift, the lift must get the approval of at least two judges.”

Some of the lifters have expressed their excitement about the upcoming season and their hopes for future accomplishments according to sophomore Noelle Feiden. 

“Our teams are really strong this year, we have a lot of new powerlifters and a lot of returning ones too,” Feiden said. “Everyone is continuing to push themselves and get stronger so I am excited to see where it goes. Personally, I am excited to push myself and see what I am capable of.”