The Infamous Two Week Break

Something feels eerily similar…


Kyle Hendrix, Staff Writer

Has anyone else been feeling like things have been Deja Vu recently? I feel like Marty Mcfly in Back to the Future when he says, “Hey! I’ve seen this one before.” I’m hoping the title gave it away but if you are still lost i’m referring to the shutdown of schools on March 13th 2020.

At this point there is no way we cannot talk about how crazy of a year 2020 was and how crazy 2021 has already been. Last year students got out of school for spring break but later found out it would be a two week break until we could get the corona-virus under control. Little did everyone know that two week break would turn into the rest of the semester being moved to online.

Now fast forward almost a year forward and boom, we have been moved back to online. First a week off due to a foot of snow and power outages across the state to now the state does not have any water and students have to go back to online school. Everything feels eerily similar to last year.

On the bright side, at least we are not under forced quarantine anymore but it is not like most students followed that anyways. Most students are probably already complaining about online classes but imagine how the teachers feel. I doubt most of them like it anyways but what else is there for us to do? Moving classes to online is the best decision the school can make right now whether people like it or not but hopefully it does not turn into the entire semester getting cancelled again.

Times are crazy right now and I really encourage everyone to stay safe. We have said ‘stay safe’ a lot recently and many have begun to tune it out but we are living in crazy times and really do need to stay safe and prepare for anything. It is time for us to go back to in-person classes even if we still have to wear masks.