Cut the Lights

Power goes out on campus

Alivia Caples, Editor

A power outage had the electricity out on campus for an estimate of 40 minutes. 

“The power went out and it flickered for a minute during second period,” English teacher Julie Cook said. “Of course everybody was caught off guard and surprised and wondering what was going on; however, after this past year I don’t think anyone was too surprised about anything so I think everyone handled it pretty well.” 

It is not certain what caused the outage, but adjustments to the student’s schedule have been made accordingly. 

“The kitchen needs time to cook lunch so we are having to move lunches back by extending third and fourth period,” Assistant Principal Curtis Martine said.

A Lunch is now at 12:30 and B Lunch is now at 1:05. We are going to finish out the afternoon and distribute the time left as evenly as possible in the other periods.

— Martine

People were shocked the power went out completely according to senior Kyle Hendrix

“It was unexpected like coming back on the first day from Spring Break you don’t think the power would go out randomly,” Hendrix said. “My friend said a transformer blew up, but I also heard a tree fell down from social media.”

The school’s response to the outage was the smart move to make even though it was not the most popular among peers according to senior Cheyanne Crawford. 

“In the time frame we were giving I think sending people home would’ve caused more issues like some of the elementary campuses were also out and you can’t just send elementary kids home without parents there,” Cook said. “So despite not wanting to be here it is definitely a safer place…there are other situations that going home and making a quick decision to go home creates.”